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When did you have your last fling? If you're here, chances are it was a while ago. That means you've probably exhausted all of the dating apps on the market, all of the so-called hookup apps and all of the personals pages. Hell, you're probably sick of hearing the word dating site or any synonyms therein. But Fling isn't a dating site - it's a sex site that guarantees results.

Your search for the ultimate sex app is over. Fling helps take the hassle out of finding a willing fuck partner near you by connecting you with potential new Fling partners every day of the week. All you need to do is sign up and start chatting with all of the willing babes near you. And believe us when we say there are plenty of them. We guarantee you'll be meeting up with a local hottie within the hour!
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What is a Fling?

Here's the definition the word Fling according to the English language dictionary: Fling (verb, noun, past participle: flung): a lively Scottish dance, to fly into violent and irregular motions or to speak harshly. A fling is a short term relationship that's sexual in nature, a usually brief attempt of mutual pleasure.

Sure, these are all true, but this isn't what we're talking about. You don't need a dictionary, thesaurus or extensive vocabulary to understand what this kind of flinging is about. We're not talking about various vigorous Scottish reels or unrestrained pursuit. The kind of Fling we're talking about is getting laid.

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Your Next Fling Partner Is A Few Clicks Away

That's right, a fling is a quick, discreet hookup with someone, whether that's a stranger, a fuck buddy or a friend with benefits. Flings usually last only a short period of time, either one night or a handful of occasions. They're a brief indulgence of bodily appetites before you and your Fling partner go your separate ways. No words, no conversation, just primal sex with a willing Fling partner.

The Fling app is full of local women who just want a hot fling with someone in their city. These ladies aren't looking for long-term relationships and they don't expect you to take them to dinner. They just want to meet up for a brief period of time and have their wicked away with you. If that sounds perfect for you, then read on!

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How Does Fling Work?

Fling offers a combination of both scrolling and matching to help you find your perfect Fling partner for the night. Once you sign up to Fling, you'll be shown all of the local potential flings within a few miles of your location. You can then browse their profiles to see if they fit your criteria, or you can use our swiping system to match based on looks. You don't have to change position to find your next Fling. We're all about indulging one's impulses.

Either way works, and unlike other sex apps, you don't have to utter violently with one approach or the other. You can throw caution to the wind and utilize them both for maximum fun and maximum matches. Once you've found the person who catches your eye, strike up a conversation ask them if they're interested in a fling! Given the sheer number of horny chicks on Fling, it won't take long before you're flung. Fling propriety away and indulge in some good casual fun with our app.

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Great Features To Help Meet Your Next Fling

Fling offers lots of features to help you throw yourself into this world of casual sex. It's not just about the scrolling and matching; there are plenty of ways you can interact with other members to help strike up that spark. Here are just a fewer examples:

Fast Sign Up

A username, e-mail address and password is all you need to get Flung. You don't have to input any personal information to get going on our sex app.

Easy Matching

Deal a new hand every day with our daily Fling matches. Grab the ones you like and toss out the ones you don't.

Browse Millions of Users

Immoderate indulgence be damned. There are so many Fling users to connect with that you'll never come across the same member twice. Cast your Fling net far and wide!

Completely Free

Fling is completely free to use. We don't force anyone to hurl money at our site at all. Put your cash back in your wallet. Fling is the definition of free to use!

Hot Member Content

Sometimes, words aren't enough, that's why we have hot member content to enjoy. In this gallery, you'll find pictures and pictures and videos of every sex act imaginable!

Women of Every Type

American heritage chicks, Scandinavian origin chicks, Middle English girls, even Swedish flรคnga and old Norse flengja babes! There are babes of every shape, size and ethnicity on Fling.

No Fakes

Fakes, scammers, bots, whatever synonyms you want to use - there are none of them on Fling. All of our fake profiles have been flung to the ground.

Chat Room & Forum

Throw yourself into our chat room and forum to connect with potential Fling partners on a conversational level. Every chat room and forum is broken down by location, interest or sex act.

Stay Anonymous

Stay completely discreet when Flinging with our new anonymous feature. This is perfect is you don't want your wife, friends and kids to know about your Flinging activities.

Safe & Secure

Enjoy discreet earnest and conscientious activity, intended without repercussion. Your personal details will never be shared with third parties.
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Fling (Verb): Move Yourself In An Abrupt or Headlong Manner - This App Helps You Do Exactly That!

The dictionary definition of Fling (verb or noun) is to move in a violent or light motion in a headlong manner. You can see why we decided to name our app what we did. Fling takes all the negative components of dating and drives them into the ground, leaving only the enjoyable parts of dating and hooking up in its place.

If you want rapid movement between women's bedrooms, Fling will make it happen. When you talk to the beauties on Fling, you can speak sharply without having to sugar-coat your words. You can send suddenly messages telling them you want a casual sexual relationship, not a romantic relationship, without having to beat around the bush.
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Forget Regular Dating & Start Flinging

Every attempt at creating a pure sex site has failed. Tinder made a futile attempt and failed. So did Plenty of Fish and OKCupid. But Fling has already been on the scene for a long period of time and remained consistent in its promise - to get you laid time and time again, every occasion without fail.

What makes Fling stand out from the rest of the cast? Plenty of reasons, but everyone is here for the same reason - no bullshit Flinging. Here's a few of the reasons why new users keep throwing themselves at us every day of the week to find their next love affair:

Looks don't matter

The ladies on Fling don't care if you're not shredded. They don't care if you're not rich. They don't care if you're Middle English, Scandinavian origin or anything in between. All they care is that you've got a functioning piece of meat between your legs. They don't care whether it's tiny or the same length as your arm as long as it works!

The sole focus is on Flinging, meaning that as long as you're open-minded and sex-positive, you'll have ladies throwing themselves at you. Of course, if you do have some attractive features, flaunt them! You'll find women target you doubly as much!

Every sex act imaginable

A Fling isn't just about vanilla sex. Every depraved act that can cross your mind is up for grabs on out sex site. You'll find kinky girls looking for their next fuck partner to bend them over and give them a good spanking. You'll find swinger couples welcoming you with open arms. You'll find dominatrix babes willing to force you to your knees.

A whole cast of characters and personalities are just waiting to throw themselves at you. They've already flung with every other kinky guy nearby and they want fresh meat. If it's light motion you're looking for, you'll find that too. But if you want a wild, ravishing fetish queen to send suddenly into a world of kinky bliss, Fling will certainly provide.

No regular dating

Flinging isn't about dating. Flinging isn't about linking arms and hitting a lavish restaurant. Flinging is about throwing yourself into bed with a gorgeous girl who wants nothing more than a good fucking. When you and your Fling partner to agree to get flung, it's a given that there's no regular dating involved. You both agree to throw societal norms to the wind and just get right down to business.

Not only does it save time, but it's easy on your bank account too! No restaurants, no romantic getaways, no reciting poems word for word. The girls on Fling don't give a toss about any of that. The only thing they want to toss is the meat between your legs. If you're willing to give it to them, they're willing to take it.
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Fling Is A Sex Site That Actually Works!

Dating sites tend to make promises they can't deliver on - but not Fling. We backup our claims with solid evidence. You can throw yourself into our platform and be chatting with REAL girls within 15 minutes, and they don't just want to sext, either. They want to meet up in person quicker than you can say dictionary. So put your smartphone down and get out there into the real world.

Even better still, we don't force you to hand over any money for this privilege. You can join Fling right this second and check everything out for yourself. No hassle. No commitment. The only warning we'll give you is that Fling will elevate your sex life to levels you could never expect. Only join Fling if you want easy sex immediately - don't leave these babes waiting around!
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What Fling Users Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. Millions of people are Flinging every day of the week, throwing themselves into a world of sexual liberation. Here are a few more examples, word for word, from our loyal users:

Tyler M's Fling review

I wanted one last fling before settling down and having kids, so I hurled myself into this sex app. Words can't describe just how much fun I've had. I've enjoyed a lot of extravagant behaviour with more girls than I can count. I keep telling myself that my next highland fling will be the last one, but it's like an old habit - hard to kick! Pretty soon I'm gonna abandon the idea of settling down altogether since it's so easy to get sex on here.

19 comments, 8 shares
Bryan W's Fling review

I previously learnt in my last relationship how quickly you can be angrily tossed to the wind without warning, so since then, I've kept girls at arms length. I decided to just keep it casual with other girls, and Fling has helped me find easy, casual flings that require no commitment. I'm talking parking lot hookups, head in back alleyways - it's been a very fun journey to say the least! Getting flung has never been so easy.

56 comments, 19 shares

Fling - The Last Word in Sex Sites

Fling is the very definition of a real sex site. We fly alongside other big name platforms like Tinder and POF, offering similar-sized userbases and just as many interactive features. Want one last Fling before summer is over? Want a brief period of fun with local strangers? Come on in and start Flinging right now.

Other dating sites can't hold a candle to what Fling offers. Fling has millions of real users and we don't cost an arm and leg to use. In fact, we don't force you to pay at all! Throw yourself head first into a world of reckless sexual abandon today. Fling gives you the power to hook up with local babes for any kind of sex act or relationship you desire. Fling is the only sex site you'll need in your life.
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